I’m Jordan Streiff, an experienced full stack developer living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s build something together.

Before striking out on my own I spent years working at a dynamic digital agency where I helped build software for clients ranging from start-up to enterprise. You can trust me to take your project from start to launch, and beyond.

Tech Preferences

  • Ruby on Rails is my go-to for whipping up a reliable backend that gets your product out of the gate in no time.
  • I’m comfortable and skilled with vanilla Javascript and CSS. But if you require a more complex interface, I have built projects with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.
  • If mobile is your game - I’ve built several apps with React Native, and have enough previous experience with Android and iOS to build native modules as well.

Beyond Code

In my spare time I work on tools to help support local advocacy projects.

At the Govathon hackathon in 2013 I won the "Atlanta just go ahead and implement this" award for the find your council member search tool. This was later repurposed as a reusable widget for local organizations and is currently in use by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

In 2017 I worked with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to build the digital infrastructure behind their Unblock the Lane campaign. Stronger protections for bike lanes were established by the City of Atlanta as a result of this campaign.

This led to the creation of WeDemandBetter, a crowdsource mapping application currently in private alpha. PEDS (a pedestrian advocacy in Atlanta) used the mobile application to garner press around the issue of scooter clutter, and saw hundreds of app downloads and submissions.

Lately, I’ve been working on Phonetrain, a tool to facilitate coordinated calling campaigns that get the attention of local officials around particular issues. It makes use of a twilio integration to text advocates and remind them to make calls during the time that they’ve pledged.

Shoot me an email at [email protected] to connect!